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Hello to all book club readers!

 I recently had the opportunity to speak to a local book  group, and had a really terrific time. Of course, who wouldn’t? Sitting around with a bunch of folks discussing my own novels? I loved this for sure, but even more, I really loved the comfort of the setting: couches and coffee, chatting, upclose and personal. Because I am also a voracious reader, I love being on both sides of those reader/writer curiosities.  Mostly I cherish the shared personal stories weaving in and out of the fictional ones because, I’ve come to believe, that  stories are our one true universal truth, our connecting point. Everybody’s got a story.

my considering pose.

 Because of this experience, I’ve been considering ways in which to connect with readers  beyond the traditional bookstore situation where I stand up front , read a tiny smidge of my story, and answer an awkward question or two; instead, I’d love to join in and be a part of the conversation rather than the object of it.

  If you belong to a book club and are  planning to read any of my books

I'm Kindled!

(print or kindled), I would love to visit with your group in person, if possible (location-dependent), or via phone, skype, FB, email. There are many ways to enjoy this dialogue together, so let me know!

I can be contacted at cynnchad@aol.com, just add BOOK CLUB CONVERSATION to the subject line and let’s make it happen!

Dear Friends and Readers,

I am very happy to announce the release of all five of my novels: Cat Rising, Girls With Hammers, Babies, Bikes, and Broads, Angels & Manners, and As The Table Turns as ebooks published by my newly formed Napping Porch Press, and all will be available by February 1st 2011!

As a lover of books, the paper kind, I want you all to know that I, too, relish the experience of “curling up with a good book.” I love going to a bookstore, (especially a used one) and feeling out my choices. I love the smell of the pages, the heft of the story resting in my lap, even the dog-earring of a marked place (yes, I do this) are the luxuries of the sensual reading experience which will always be a part of my life. I cherish it.

However, as a lover of stories, the many kinds, I must confess I have fallen in love with my new Kindle. Not just the device itself: its simple navigation, weight, easy reading panel, etc…but I have become enamored with the very notion that within this slim electronic device are GAZILLIONS of stories for my perusing, I mean GAZILLIONS! It’s a story-lovers’ dream–anything at the tip of a touch of my finger; no trip to the library, bookstore, no hauling bags of books on vacations, airplanes, no being limited to the one you brought, instead of the one you meant to bring, no more deciding between this 1 $30 hardback or 2 $15 paperbacks, but now for $9.99 or less for 3 or more ebooks, I can afford! AND, I get to sample before I buy, and I can now lend my purchase on Kindle to a friend.

As an author, I am so appreciative of the fact that my work of the last two decades will now be available world-wide to anyone on this planet with a digital reading device; I mean, it’s an awe-inspiring notion. It makes one quiet, not loud. Readers will be heartened to learn that for every ebook purchase, I will receive 70% of your hard-earned cash for my hard-earned stories! This is compared to the standard 16% most of us traditionally published authors receive for our print books. If you do the math, you’ll understand why I am over the moon with the fact that my books will be more widely available and I will keep most of the income earned from my ebook sales.

It has taken me a couple of years to come to this juncture of becoming the ebook publisher of my own work. I have spent much time gathering information, speaking to self-publishing authors, following trends, and comparing numbers; this journey then lead me to seek out and gather an amazing team of professionals: author & concept editor, Jim Driggers, whose brilliantly wicked mind pushes me over my edges, my first copy-editor, Peg Marr, who worked over all three of the Cat Rising Series, as well as As The Table Turns, graphic designer, Julie Felton, who did the first edition covers of the CR Series, and As The Table Turns, the tech-savvy Kimberly (Hitch) Hitchens of Booknook.biz, who made my life a living heaven by formatting and producing beautiful ebook versions of my novels.

Having gone through this first arduous process, I am now looking forward to working with my former CR Series typesetter, Donna Biesecker, when we embark on NPP’s first print publication of As The Table Turns, releasing in June 2011. The team will re-group next Fall when we make ready both print and ebook editions of Then Came Jake, to be released Spring 2012.

Thanks all for reading my stories, passing along the site, and leaving comments; it is so great to hear from so many of you.